AWS Certified Security – Specialty Course

The Exam Readiness Course:

30 HOURS OF INSTRUCTOR-GUIDED LECTURES: AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification is one of the widely recognized security certifications across the industry. With the number of security breaches increasing every year, there is a huge demand for individuals who understand the security side of things, specifically Cloud-based Infrastructures. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to ace your exam.

What you will learn:

We take you from opening your first AWS Free Tier account through to creating complex multi-tier architectures, always sticking to the AWS exam blueprint to ensure you are learning practical skills and effectively preparing for your AWS exam. Our method ensures that you retain the knowledge – as repeated practice is the best way to learn and build your cloud skills. 

Who should attend:

If you are interested in gaining the AWS Security Specialist Certification and learning deep security insights related to AWS, this will be a great course for you.